Stop Being Average

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Stop being AVERAGE. Most people live an average life.  They drive an average car that gets average gas mileage.  The go to an average job that makes average income.  They return home to an average house in an average neighborhood. A lot of people become comfortable with average.  Why?  Because they stop wanting. They became okay […]

Are you a hero or victim?

The world is a play.  A giant majestic play full of wonder and excitement, ups and downs. And, you have the option of choosing between two characters. The first is a hero.  Against all odds the hero will persever, overcome, and succeed. The second character is a victim.  The victim will face the same struggles […]

What the $@%!!! are you selling!

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The number one reason salespeople fail at sales is because they are focused on selling product.  You are not selling product you are selling emotions!  When you are persuading your friend or significant other on the reason why your pick in restaurant and movie is better than theirs, guess what you are doing?  YOU ARE […]

Become Successful In Sales Part 3 of 3: Gratitude

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What is gratitude and how can it make you successful in sales?  That is a great question and keep reading to find out how. What is Gratitude?  Simply put gratitude is an emotional response triggered by appreciation.  It is showing appreciation for something emotionally valued.   Imagine how you would feel if you were pushing your […]

Become Successful In Sales Part 2 of 3: Embedded Commands

Without the sales industry product would sit on the shelves and collect dust and people’s   problems would not get solved.  Whether the problem was selecting their next vehicle or selecting the right software for their business needs, without a professional salesman, how would the best and most educated choice be made for the customer […]