Life Coaching

Why get a life coach?

Danny Cole, Life Coach
My name is Danny Cole and my aim is for you to be empowered with the right tools and proven techniques to achieve happiness and success in life.

We will work together to create a structure and a timeline for when goals will be completed, learn the sales process, overcome objections or setbacks, and I will be the person you are accountable to. Most people have the best of intentions in life for just about everything from, improving their health, starting that new business, finishing painting the house, or going back to school.  The one thing holding them back from achieving their goals – accountability.

The #1 reason people fail to achieve their goals is due to not being held accountable for them.

Have you ever thought this to yourself before?

  • I wish I made more money
  • I wish I could overcome fear and worry
  • I wish I had more confidence
  • I wish I could instantly find my ideal mate
  • I want to be the best in the company
  • I wish I was better at time management
  • I wish I knew a simple formula for success
  • I want to be better at sales
  • I want to be successful
  • I need to work on my professional development
  • I need a new career
  • I need to define my goals and create a simple action plan to achieve them
  • I wish I didn’t always think so negative
  • I want to improve my sales
  • I need to stay focused, organized, and committed to my goals


Would you like to be empowered with the right tools and proven techniques to achieve happiness and success in life?  To live the life of your dreams.  Confidently and passionately. Mentally, emotionally and financially. Imagine working with someone who knows what it is like to face difficulties and challenges in life and has overcame them.  Imagine achieving the happiness and success you desire for you and your family.  Imagine hiring me, now, to do just that.  Because that is what I do.  I help people just like you achieve the happiness and success in life they deserve.

But first, I want you to know, I’m not your typical life coach. Don’t hire me unless you are truly ready to take control of your life. I will be your best friend and your worst friend melded into one person. I will encourage and motivate you but, I will also call you out on things if they need to be. With me, you will see the results and experience the joy of positive changes and achievements. I will be with you along the way celebrating in your successes. I am dedicated to your success.