Hello, I’m Danny Cole!

Are you tired of going through life feeling inadequate
And unhappy? Fed up with people walking over you?
Have you ever wished you had more confidence?
Or how you would feel with higher self-esteem?
Ready to achieve your goals? If so, I can help.
Learn how now!
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The Formula Coach

Let me ask you a question? Suppose there was a way, a "formula", that could help you increase your level of confidence and self-esteem? The type of confidence and self-esteem that would improve your finances, relationships, health, and happiness. Would you be interested?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel "stuck" like you are just going through the motions not getting anywhere? Frustrated with your relationship, family, job, yourself? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and just daydreamed about how your life would be if you were just simply more confident?
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I'm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.